The choir sang in the phuirt competition, we thought we had sung quite well but were placed 6 th out of 12.

Our next competition was the Grampian Television Trophy competition. We sang our own choice song 'An Gille Guanach' quite well, there was a long wait on stage before we could sing the prescribed song Caol Muile, the choir felt it was not our best performance and was disappointed, however.............

When the results were given we found ourselves placed 2 nd. with the highest marks in Gaelic.


More good news was to follow as we were told we had won a new trophy for the highest accumulated marks for an Argyll choir.

After singing in the Corran halls at the prize winners concert for the BBC It was time to unwind. The evenings were spent at the rural choir cheilidh and other chieldhs on offer in Oban.